The original Singapore Dragon’s Beard “Live” Station

We are the only authentic dragon’s beard masters and oriental delicacies specialist in Singapore, who can bring you Imperial Dragon’s Beard and Heavenly Dragon’s Beard also known as Dragon’s Elixirs, made ‘live’ on the spot for you and your guests!
Dragon's Beard Candy Live Station at Shangri-La Singapore
The original Dragon's Beard Live Station at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Live Dragon's Beard Candy making
Live Dragon's Beard Candy making by Roger and Elaine Poon
Dragon's Beard  Live Station at RWS
Serving Singapore's Dragon’s Beard Delicacies, freshly made from pure malt, to delegates from Asia Pacific countries

Traditional Delicacies taste best when savoured immediately on the spot where it's made!

Making Dragon's beard is a performance art where a hard rock of Malt is hand pulled into thousands of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth fine threads. In Singapore, there are three different grades of Dragon's beard, and we are the only one to offer imperial grade Dragon's Beard that are made 'live' in front of you!

You can now invite anyone of our 3 authentic dragon’s beard delicacy masters to your event, see and savour how Singapore’s highest grade Dragon’s Beard Candies are made on the spot just for you!

    Nanyang Flavours Dragon's Beard Live Station Rates

  • 250 pax (1 hour): $500
  • 500 pax (2 hours): $880

And we can tailormade our ‘live’ station services to suit your budget. Talk to us at +65 8010 5469!

3 flavours of Dragon's Beard Candy

We are also the only ones in Singapore who can bring three different flavours: Peanut, Coconut and Black Sesame Dragon’s Beard, to your event! All the above packages include Dragon’s Beard master and team in traditional Chinese costumes, traditional Dragon’s Beard making utensils and a palm-sized serving paper cup for each nugget.

We cater ready-made, excellent grade Dragon’s Beard Candies individually packed into modern scroll tubes to your events too!

Videos on our Dragon's Beard Candies

When dragon’s beard are hand pulled “live”, we are actually serving you the imperial grade of dragon’s beard, the same as that eaten by the Chinese emperor and the Empress Dowager.

Some called this delicacy The Dragons' Elixirs, The "Chinese Ice Cream", Imperial Dragon's Beard, The Dragon's Breath Sweet and etc.