We bring 'live'

to you.

We are the only professional team of authentic dragon's beard food artists to do 'live' edutainment programs at organisations, companies, hotels and education institutions.

Since the Year 2010, we have been developing the following Dragon's beard related edutainment programs:

1. The Science and Art of Dragon's Beard Making

(45 minutes program)

Science and art of dragon's beard making

from SGD$800 onwards

fees is dependent on the number of students participating

Includes sampling of freshly made on the spot Dragon's Beard for all student participants.

2. "Live" Dragon's Beard Demonstration and Distribution

(at School Canteen)

Booth setup in school canteen for live making of Dragon's Beard Candy
Making of Dragon's Beard Candy in school canteen

from SGD$500 onwards

for 250pcs onwards (served within 1 hour), or unlimited servings of 100% malt threads (dragon's beard) for the 1 recess duration)

3. Dragon's Beard Team building event

from SGD$25 per participant

for at least 20 participants per 45 minutes

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