Singapore's Authentic Dragon’s Beard Candies

Legend has it that Dragon’s Beard Candies were only meant for the Emperor’s gastronomic pleasures. The authentic recipe of this almost lost craft, was handed down only via words of mouth. Hence, this delicacy remains as an isolated and rare treat only at special occasions and festivals.

Despite its elusiveness, folks in Singapore have the privilege of savoring this delicacy regularly since 1988. Those in the loop would be aware of the home-grown brand Nanyang Flavours and its iconic late Auntie Lili. She had obtained the handed down recipe from a distant relative, who had worked in the kitchen of the imperial palace during the Qing Dynasty.

Today, continuing the trade of making these 100% malt dragon’s beard are Aunty Lili’s relatives: Roger and Elaine Poon. Together, they have taken it upon themselves to revitalize this time-tested delicacy and bring its shopfront out of its former premise of Marine Parade’s Roxy Square to reach more fans.

On 1st September 2019, they partnered with Renew Snacks Garage (a café located within SAFRA Tampines) to continue offering their authentic 100% malt Dragon’s Beard Candy. Aside from individual packet purchases of these thumb sized Dragon’s Beard delicacies, guests will also be able to pair Renew’s wholesome snacks, coffee and tea — the duality of east and west, ancient and contemporary, both as authentic as it can get!

Mark a date for an afternoon of delicacies at Renew Snacks Garage in SAFRA Tampines now

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